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Imginn: Download Instagram Stories, Posts, and Videos

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This article will examine ImgInn‘s features and capabilities while also addressing the crucial issue of user safety. 

Imginn- An Overview

Imginn is a useful tool for anyone who want to carry out the following tasks: 

  • Instagram pictures online storage
  • Save reels and videos.
  • Use Instagram profiles to create avatars.

It’s essential to remember that this site only permits content downloads from open Instagram profiles. Private accounts cannot be concurrently searched for or downloaded.

What Is Imginn.com Website?

ImgInn.com website has a user-friendly experience with a simple, clear design. A flawless one-scroll browsing experience is provided on the website. It is important to note that the website has numerous, sometimes-overwhelming commercial banners.

By using Imginn Instagram you can view any public stories and post without even being visible to the account holder. Through this app you can not only download videos or posts but you can also remove your account with a blink of an eye. Overall this a best platform from where you can end your curiosity without even letting the people know about your search history, viewing or your downloading. 


Online Tool Package Information

Application Imginn
Content Rating3+
File SizeOnline Tool
VersionLatest version of Chrome
CategoryDownloader Tool
Supported EnginesChrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, etc.

How To Use Imginn?

Discover how to use Instagram without creating an account: 

To become more familiar with Img Inn.com capabilities, let’s explore its features. Here is a step-by-step tutorial for utilizing this site: 

  • Use Google or any of your favorite search engine to look for “Img Inn.”
  • On the search engine results page, click the Img Inn.com extension link (SERP).
  • The username of the profile you want to investigate should be entered.
  • After starting the seach, the interface will provide a list of pertinent Instagram profiles.
  • The chosen profile account should be clicked. You’ll see choices like “Posts,” “Stories,” and “Tagged” beneath the profile avatar. 

Posts: You may browse single and numerous photographs, as well as videos related to the profile, by choosing the “Posts” tab.

Stories: Since reels are not supported, this part just presents highlights from the user’s tale.

Tagged: When a user tags someone in a post for outreach reasons, that person is referred to as being “tagged. The interface shows articles and videos from tagged accounts in this area. 

By following these instructions, you may use this website different capabilities to browse Instagram content without needing your own Instagram account.

How Can I Get Instagram Posts From ImgInn Anonymously? 

The technique of downloading Instagram posts secretly from this platform is easy and intuitive. Following are the steps to start the download:

  1. Use the search box to find the materials you want to download, then from the menu choose one of the available options there, such as Stories, Photographs, Videos, and Avatars.
  2. You may do searches for Stories and Avatars using particular keywords. Click the search icon after entering the Instagram username.
  3. You’ll need a link in order to download a picture or video. Following are instructions for downloading Instagram images and videos without a link:
  • No links are necessary; just use the search bar menu to download any images or movies.
  • After the username is entered, the interface will show all of the account’s public material.
  • click the “download” button, to start the downloading process. There is no need to wait or join up.

How You Can Remove An Account On ImgInn: 

  • Click “Remove Account” in the “Remove Account” box at the website’s bottom as you scroll down.
  • Type in the Instagram profile’s URL.
  • Here, your email address is required.
  • Choose the “Submit” button from the menu.

Note: It can take several days to finish the account deletion procedure. 

How Does Imginn Com Work?

To start working on this platform, you should browse the website first. Then, you can select desired services such as downloader, post viewer, story viewer, etc. After that you can enter the post URL that you want to download in your device. The tool works to let you save content in your device by only visiting it which in turn will provide you with the necessary outcome. Then, this igviewer tool will support you to collect data from instagram.

Why You Need To Use Imginn Com?

Searching the friend’s profile, unknown personality, or celebrity on instagram can come out as challenging but using this ig viewer tool makes it simple to use. Even if the profile is private then, you can visit its content through this tool. As per the legal rules & regulations by instagram, you cannot access private account’s content. But, with imgin you can do that as well! Below mentioned are some reasons why you will need imgin to view:

  • Simply go through anyone’s instagram profile and view complete details such as post count, profile picture, followers, highlights, etc.
  • You can even zoom and then download the profile picture as per your preference.
  • Stream and download instagram content from anyone’s profile and download it in your device.
  • Private stories can be featured through this tool.
  • A safe option to view someone’s insta profile anonymously.

Benefits Of ImgInn Instagram

This website has various benefits, including: 

  • Without creating an account, you may browse Instagram postings.
  • A variety of postings, including videos and pictures, can be downloaded.
  • You may see and download postings from both other user accounts and your own account.
  • Browse secretly to keep your downloading habits covert.
  • The downloading procedure moves quickly and without interruption from advertising.
  • Also, you can ask Img Inn to deactivate or remove an account if you so choose.

Drawbacks Of This Website

Img Inn has several restrictions even if it has simple downloading features: 

  • It cannot analyze posts and videos from private accounts because it cannot monitor private accounts.
  • The UI doesn’t show how many people have liked or seen a post.
  • When the website lacks privacy notes or copyright information, there is a chance that privacy issues and hacking will arise.

Can Our Data Get Hacked Through Imginn?

Depending on how it is utilized, this site has the potential to be exploited for data hacking. Due to the site’s low security rating, which was discovered through investigation utilizing tools, it is crucial to use caution when using it.

Investigate these replacements and related websites if this official site isn’t operating properly or if you run into problems:

The Top 5 ImgInn Alternatives To Think About 

1. 4K Stogram

You may easily download Instagram images, stories, reels, and hashtags in their original resolution with the use of a tool provided by 4K Download. The UI also allows you to subscribe with a single click to your preferred Instagram profiles.

Important characteristics:

  • given authorization, the ability to preserve private Instagram posts.
  • Save highlights and stories from Instagram.
  • Save articles and images by date, among other things.

2. Dumpor

A service called Dumpor, which is comparable to this website, lets users browse and download Instagram story views, pictures, and videos anonymously. Users are prompted to search for any Instagram account using profile information, location, or tags on the website’s user-friendly design.

Important characteristics:

  • Unidentified browsing
  • see comments and likes
  • assistance with hashtag search

3. Storistalker

Another anonymous Instagram video and photo viewer is Storistalker. Users must wait for the results to complete for 30 seconds on the website, which can be a little slower. Yet, there is no registration requirement and material downloads happen instantly.

Important characteristics:

  • anonymous Instagram stories viewing
  • gaining access to deleted videos and posts
  • Free to download and use

4. SmiHub

Users may watch and download Instagram stories and other information anonymously via Sms Hub, which is offered by StoriesIG. The website has a smart search bar that accepts both usernames and URLs, two menus called “Viewer” and “Downloader,” and other functions.

Important characteristics:

  • Absolutely no cost, no charge
  • without signing in, browse
  • Preserve high-resolution pictures and videos.

5. Qoob

Users may save TikTok and Instagram material with the help of Qoob, which also provides them with a number of advantages including bulk downloading, incognito surfing, notifications for fresh content, and automated downloads. Users only have limited access to the website, but it offers plans at reasonable prices for those who want to keep using Qoob’s services.

Important characteristics:

  • downloading in bulk
  • anonymous Instagram stories viewing
  • Back up your TikTok and Instagram accounts.


Overall we all can state that it is a user-friendly website, which offers a seamless experience to users. Through the above provided details on Imginn users can download videos, posts secretly and anonymously. This facility provides users a sense of being unseen and thereby giving them comfort in using the app.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Imagen secure?

Img inn obtained a poor security score from our team’s use of a third-party technology, suggesting a considerable degree of danger. But, how you use the site ultimately determines the danger level.

Can I download films and pictures from Img inn’s private accounts?

Sorry, Img inn is unable to store videos and photos from private Instagram accounts.

Do I need to register for an Img inn account?

Img inn is a free website that enables interested people to explore, store, and back up Instagram material without having to register for an account.

What is the Imginn Instagram video downloader good for?

You can quickly search for and download users’ stories, photographs, videos, and reels with the Img inn Instagram video downloader by utilizing their usernames, user URLs, or even hashtags.

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