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How Many CSGO Games Are There?

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a well-liked multiplayer tactical first-person shooter game launched by Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment. CSGO has won the hearts of many individuals, with millions of players actively playing it since its release in 2012. The game has various objective-based game modes where two teams—Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists—are pitted against one another.

The most frequent game mode involves either Counter-Terrorists attempting to stop terrorists from planting a bomb or trying to rescue hostages from the terrorists. But are you curious to know how many games are in this exciting series? 

Here are nine official game modes for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: 

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This game mode involves two teams of five players competing against one other in a best-of-30 match. The game pairs players against and with other players based on their skill ranks using the Glicko rating system.


Casual employs a configuration that limits the number of players to 20 by default. The configuration sets several other game options exclusive to the casual game mode. Usually, in this mode, each team consists of 10 players on either hostage rescue maps or bomb defusing. 


You can play on any map without focus in this mode, such as rescuing hostages or defusing/planting the bomb. Instead, competitors must eliminate their rivals on the opposing team. The round ends after 10 minutes, and the player with the most points and the runner-up and third-place finisher are displayed as the winners.

Arms Race

This mode consists of an instant respawn after every round. Players begin with one weapon and advance to others as they score. The first person to use the golden knife to score a kill wins the competition.


Demolition is a fast-paced blend of gun progression and bomb planting. Teams comprise six players each, and the round lasts one minute and thirty seconds. The game consists of 10 rounds, with the winner being the first to reach six games or if both teams draw within five rounds. 


In the Wingman game mode, players compete using a best-of-16 game structure of 2 versus two rivalry matches on maps with a single bombsite. Although the game mode uses “compact” maps with just one bomb site, the rules are similar to competitive play. 

Flying Scotsman

In this game, players are limited to the Knife and the SSG 08 alone. You effortlessly strafe and fly in the air due to decreased sense of gravity and increased midair acceleration. Additionally, eliminating accuracy penalties in midair enables you to maneuver freely and attack the opponent with SSG 08 midair. 


The mode comprises the Counter-Terrorist team consisting of 4 players and the Terrorist team consisting of 3 players. Interestingly, the game starts with an already planted bomb, and the winner is the first team to win eight rounds. 

Danger Zone

Danger Zone is a battle game where players scrounge for items and fight one another in a shrinking fighting arena. The last surviving player emerges as the winner. 

Since Global Offensive’s initial release, Valve has kept the game current by adding new maps, weapons, and game modes. Therefore, you’ll be spoiled for choice if you’re a game lover looking for new games. Lovers of CSGO can also visit CSGO Book to discover sites where they can use their winnings to gamble.

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