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Emandi UP: Bridging The Gap Between Farmers And Traders

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The State Agricultural Produce Market Board of Uttar Pradesh, sometimes referred to as the Uttar Pradesh State Agricultural Produce Market Council, has a website called E Mandi. In today’s post, we will provide you with all the relevant information on emandi up. You should read this essay through to the finish if you are an Uttar Pradeshi farmer or business.

What Is Emandi UP Portal?

EMandi UP is an initiative started by the Honorable chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, to assist the farmers and business owners. Through this website, farmers and market vendors may interact and profit from each other’s sales and purchases of grains and other agricultural goods. Farmers and merchants may conveniently obtain all the market information they want from the comfort of their homes thanks to the emandi site. The Uttar Pradesh State Agricultural Produce Market Council constructed it.


NameeMandi UP Portal
started ByYogi Aditya Nath       
BeneficiaryFarmers and traders of the state       
application procedureOnline     
ObjectiveProviding correct prices and information related to the market to farmers and traders.      
CategoryUttar Pradesh State Government Schemes  
official websiteemandi.upsdc.gov.in     
emandi up login

Features Of UP EMandi Portal

Once you have learn about the emandi up gov in, now its time to check out its features that offered to the user, Given below are the few of them:-

  • In order to guarantee that farmers encounter no issues with the market on the emandi up pre arrival slip, an automated entry slip system has been installed at the entrance.
  • For interested business citizens, this portal offers an online licensing service.
  • Anyone may use this service to apply online for a Firm Mandi license.
  • The Mandi Committee reviews the online applications upon receipt and grants an electronic license, or e-license.
  • The businessman will be allowed to cut six online forms while making any buy and issue nine online forms while making any sale after receiving an e-license (digital license).
  • The Mandi portal offers the option to issue both of these forms electronically.
  • In addition, dealers now have the option to apply online for gate passes.

Objective Of EMandi UP

The primary objective of the eMandi UP portal is to eliminate intermediaries by uniting farmers and merchants on a single platform. This platform is very valuable to the farmers and business owners in Uttar Pradesh. Farmers and traders will be able to access the same platform using the eMandi login interface. Through the e-Mandi site (eMandi portal UP), farmers will be able to sell their goods swiftly and at the right price, and merchants will be able to easily get full information about those commodities. As a consequence, both farmers and traders will save a significant amount of time. A range of alternate eMandi login methods are accessible on the portal for farmers, traders, and the market.

Process To Register On Emandi UP

To make use of all the feature you need to register to the emandi up, for that you need to follow the given below steps :-

  • Visit the official website of the emandi.
  • Once you are into the website you need to look for the “Businessman” Option
  • Under the option there is a sign up link you should click on that option.
  • A new page will open where you need to fill up your personal details like: GSTIN/PAN, license number, Password, Confirm Password
  • Once you hace filled all the details correctly you need to press the “SIGN UP” option.
  • By following such a simple steps you can easily register into the website and can use all the services.

Process For Emandi UP Login

After you have successfully created account on the website, you need to follow the given below step for emandi up login into the account : 

  • Visit the official website of the emandi
  • Once you are into the website, you will find the emandi login option on the homepage of the website.
  • As to login into the account you need to provide some of the login credential like: E-mail, Password
  • After you have entered the details you need to also fill the “Captcha Code” . Then finally click on the Login option for successfully accessing the website.

Steps To Apply For a New License On Emandi UP

Users can apply for the new license through the platform by following some easy steps and here we have mentioned some of those below to help you out with the process:

  • Firstly, you have to open the official website of the platform with the help of your preferred browser.
  • After that, you will find the apply for new license option on its dashboard, then you have to click on it.
  • Now, read the terms and conditions along with the guidelines and accept them by clicking the check box.
  • When you are done with these steps, enter the asked credentials that include your personal details and business information.
  • Complete the captcha from the same page and save the information to proceed ahead.
  • At last, it will send you an OTP on your registered mobile number to verify your contact details and the process completes here.

Application Status Tracking Process

Once you have created account and you need to check the status of you application, then you need to follow the given below steps are:-

  • You must first register for the Uttar Pradesh e Mandi State Agricultural Produce Market Council. official website will continue.
  • Following this, the website’s main page will appear to you.
  • on the main page, the status of your application You must select the option.
  • A new page will appear in front of you when you click.
  • You must input the application number on this page.
  • You then need to input the captcha code.
  • You must now select the View Status option.
  • When you select the View Status option, all of the application’s associated information will be visible to you together with the status of your application.
  • Consequently, the procedure to check the status of your application will be finished.

Process To Renew License On Emandi UP Gov In

Follow the given below step to renew your license using the official website are:-

  • If your license is about to expire, simply follow the simple instructions below to get a new one:
  • You can visit the emandi up gov in website by clicking on this link in order to complete this task.
  • The merchant option will then show up in the menu above; you need to select it.
  • Here, you must choose the Renewal option, which will open a new page.
  • On this screen, a computerized license number must be entered. After that, you need to click the button that says “see” below. When you click, the details of your prior license will open.
  • Below, you’ll be asked for some basic information that you may submit by clicking the button.
  • After you hit the Submit button, your license renewal form will be handled. You may check the status of the license a few days after the form is submitted.

Benefits Of Emandi

If you want to know what are the benefits of emandi Portal Up , then we have explained them to you in detail, the information about which was given to you last time.

  • A digital admission ticket has been issued at the entrance so that the farmers do not have to deal with any issues at the market.
  • For the convenience of businesspeople, an online application for a mandi license is available to any individual or company. The Mandi committee evaluates the internet applications before issuing digital licenses, or e-licenses.
  • The trader will be able to cut Form 6 online during the purchase process and issue Form 9 online during the selling process after they have obtained a digital license. The e-mandi portal offers the ability to issue both forms electronically.
  • The Mandi committee has also made it possible for the businessman to apply online for a Gate pass, which may be obtained online. These traders, who go to Mandi for Gate passes from far places, will no longer have difficulty because to this arrangement.
  • A distinct system of entry emandi up pre arrival slip has been developed to identify products that are imported from outside the state.

In Conclusion

EMandi UP is a transformative platform bridging farmers and traders. Offering benefits like online licensing and form issuance, it eliminates intermediaries, saving time for both parties. The portal’s features and benefits contribute to a streamlined agricultural market in Uttar Pradesh.


The information available in the above article is truly based on our research and there may have chances of non compliance of details as per the official website. Thus, we suggest you to go and explore the official site to have a better insight.

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