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Accessing Relipay RNFL Services: RNFI Enabling Rural India

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RNFI stands for Rural Non-Banking Financial Institution. It is a financial institution that provides banking as well as financial services to rural areas in India, committed to empowering rural India with its Relipay brand, which provides payment related services. Let us discuss how to log into the dashboard and the services provided by it.

How to log in to the RNFI dashboard?

Follow these easy steps to log into the RNFI dashboard.

  1. Visit the official website of RNFI
  2. Locate the RNFI login form which you will find on the right side of the page.
  3. Enter your RNFI login credentials and if you do not know or have forgotten your RNFI ID, contact Relipay customer care.
  4. Enter your password and accept the terms and conditions, click on the login button.

It is recommended that users verify the link themselves and do not trust any third-party websites for 100% accurate links before entering their personal details and logging information it is the responsibility of the users to perform due diligence.

Services Provided by RNFI

It provides a varied range of services all across rural India through its Relipay services including mATM, Relipay Micro ATM, AePS and Relipay Mobile App. RNFI mATM is a one-of-a-kind service which supports all sorts of debit cards available in India. Users can offer cash withdrawal services by swiping their client’s ATM cards along with Aadhar with RNFI mATM, and additionally, users can also check their bank balance by swiping ATM cards and mini statement services are also live now for your convenience. Speaking of Relipay Micro ATM, it is a device that enables you to offer banking services to your customers in rural areas, with it you can offer various services such as bank balance inquiry, cash withdrawal as well as providing mini statements.

AePS stands for Aadhaar-enabled payment system which enables users to offer banking services to their customers using their Aadhaar number, with this you users can offer services similar to Relipay Micro ATM. Last but not least Relipay Mobile App is this amazing unique app that enables users to offer banking services to their customers using their mobile phones. With the Relipay Mobile App, users can offer services to their customers such as bank balance inquiries, mini statements as well as cash withdrawals.

How to Troubleshoot Issues with RNFI?

If you are facing any issues with the RNFI Login here’s how to troubleshoot them. Start by verifying the accuracy of your credentials, double check the user ID and password to make sure that they are correct as an RNFI log in security relies on their precision. Confirm that you import the accurate OTP received on your registered mobile number if two factor authentication is enabled. Additionally, ensure that your mobile device is location settings, as login problems may be associated with inaccuracies in the location. If the issue still persists reach out to the RNFI help desk for further assistance.


With the various services provided by RNFI users can offer a range of banking services to their customers in rural areas through various methods such as their mobile phones or even their Aadhaar numbers, it is incredibly convenient. It is committed to empowering rural India. 

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